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Versão em inglês/ English version - Brad Wexler

- Tell us briefly about how football was a part of your life, when did it become more than a sport played for fun and your biggest achievement so far, ... ?

Football has always been a part of my life, I grew up kicking things, not just balls, but everything that was soft. My father was a football player himself, so i was brought up watching football with him from a very young age, sharing the passion together with him. I can't remember when football was not a part of my life; it just always has been my main focus on a daily level. I would not sleep sometimes as I would think about what I was going to try do in my next game or training session...I use to stay up late on school nights without permission to try watch the late night games, always trying to pick something up from the pros, and i still do the same today, except i do not need the permission.

- How did you end up in C. S. Marítimo (we know other teams were trying to sign you in)?

Football became more than a sport to me when I joined Ajax Cape Town at the age of 11... The dream of becoming a professional seemed closer, so my outlook towards the game changed, realizing that my dreams potentially could come true if i worked hard enough. My biggest achievements in the game was representing my District side in Cape Town as well as the Western Province side, which i captained; also making it into the Ajax Cape Town youth setup was an achievement in itself.

I went on trials to both RCD Mallorca and CA Osasuna in Spain, as well as Maccabi Haifa (israel); i was 16 years old when i went to both of the Spanish sides, in which I trialled in the Under 19 squads ( A youth ); I did very well at both clubs however only CA Osasuna was able to offer me something due to certain complications which I rather not mention; i was not however allowed to go to Osasuna based on FIFA regulations for African players, so i decided to rejoin Ajax Cape Town to get back into the swing of things as well as play school football which i was at the school on a scholarship for. I did very well at Ajax scoring 4 goals and 8 assists in the 11 games i played for them in my 6 months there before leaving to go on a trial in Israel...I did very well at Maccabi Haifa, which resulted in them wanting to sign me right away, however i was not going to be able to finish school as well as i would be expected to join the army, so the offer was not appealing to both myself and my family. So I decided to finish school...I came to CS Maritimo in September 2011 for 10 days in which i was accepted after my 7th day here. So a deal was discussed between president Perreira and my agent, Micky Paiva and that was that...I returned home to finish my final exams before returning to Madeira this year in January.

- Happy with the training conditions (teammates, camps, coaches, etc.)? What's your general view on the club?

The weather here is somewhat the same as Cape Town in winter, so that has not been a problem; the facilities are of an okay standard for us to work in on a daily basis. The coaching staff in the youth has been altered a couple of times so we have now been working with new coach, Mister Daniel Quintal, of whom we are learning immensely from. I am happy to be working with Mister Quintal as I know he is always trying to help us improve.

- How are you adapting to the new training methods and to a style of football completely different from the one you knew your whole life? Main differences between African and European football?

I have adapted quite quickly I feel to the style of playing and everyday I adapt a little bit more...It is a little different to South Africa as every coach has their own style of playing so we have now had to adapt to the new coach's ways which have been a bit difficult, but things are improving daily for me personally on the field.

I think the main difference between the European way of playing and the African way of playing is that it is more direct here; everything one does on the field has to be done with the aim of a goal being scored as a result...It is immensely competitive as egos and pride play a major role even during simple training sessions. No club is perfect but I am keeping my head down and working hard in order to move up as quickly as possible.

- Going to a youth summercamp observation in S.A. at the end of the season, is that for a possible place in the Olympics (do not know if SA qualified) or some other tournament? Are you already a "Bafana bafana" (youth) international?

I'm hoping to be fit and ready for a potential call up to the South African Under20 National squad in which i was called up on February the 28th by coach, Levenghu for a camp but was not in a match-fit shape at the time so i felt it be better to wait rather for the next camp which myself and the coach fully agreed upon; so all going well, i will be able to join the next camp which i think will be at the end of the season in preparation for the African Youth Championship Qualifying games in July. I do hope one day i will represent Bafana Bafana as that is every South African player's dream.

- What are the expectations for your career? What do you dream when you dream about football?

I feel that when I have gained a bit of European experience here both on and off the field, i will start to perform at the level that i have always envisioned myself playing; I am a player who gives 110% in everything I do so with that I feel and know that I will move up quickly to the first team when my fitness, experience and performances start to show.

- Has it been difficult to adjust to a new reality (new continent, living in an island, language, etc.)? Met a lot of "madeiran" south-africans already? Enjoying your new life in Madeira?

I have settled quickly with the help of the coaching staff and directors for which I am very grateful for and hope to repay their faith shown, on the field.
I have met quite a few South African people here, obviously including Sergio Marakis of the reserves as well as his brother who plays in the Juniors. I moved here together with another player, Miguel Rodriques who stays in his own flat in Funchal area; he is always helping me whenever I am in need which has been a great help.

I must admit, it was a bit hard in the beginning, moving away from my family; a girl of whom I cared for and of course my life-long friends, however, this has been my dream since i can remember so there was no questioning my decision when it was time to move and i have not regretted it once since. My career would not be what it is today if it were not for my family; they have been there for me through every high and low both on and off the field so I would like to publicly thank them, especially my father who was a very exceptional player in his time so he has helped me everyday of my life in being a better player as well as an adult.

- Message to the fans (what they should expect from you, maybe asking for a bigger support in your games, support for your career, etc.).

I think people can expect one thing from me for sure, which is that i will give everything i have into the game; when i play i will play for the name on the front of the shirt before anything else as CS Maritimo have given me the chance of a lifetime and so they have walked straight into my heart among Liverpool FC...I love this club already and will do everything to help them, if not now, then definitely when my chance arrives!


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  1. Já é tempo de o irredutivel falar nos 2000 euros que apareceram na conta de um tal José Cardinal antes de um Sporting-Maritimo (3-0).

  2. Não posso comentar algo do qual há tão pouca informação. Mas a se confirmar que houve uma tentativa de aliciamento, seja de quem for, deve ser investigado e devem haver punições, para bem da "verdade desportiva".
    É estranho esta notícia só surgir agora, mas se existe um talão com a transferência facilmente se chegará à pessoa que fez a operação e se aplicarão as respectivas punições.
    Agora com 2.000€ compra-se um "bandeirinha"? Eu não sabia que fosse tão barato, devem ser reflexos da crise. E nesse jogo, se tínhamos aspirações a disputar o jogo teríamos que ter comprado a equipa de arbitragem completa, porque foi o que se viu. Fomos impedidos de lutar pelo acesso à meia-final e hoje o sporting está na final da Taça e não é por mérito desportivo.